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Imagine you’re stranded on an uninhabited island. You have been surviving on berries and snails for days when out of the sky, a small parcel falls at your feet. After several attempts, your adrenaline kicks in and you’re able to pry the crate open only to find that it contains canned goods. It could take hours, maybe even days, to find a way to crack into them without an opener. This kind of hopelessness and inconvenience is often a daily feeling for people coming back from an injury or who are suffering from chronic pain. All the little tasks you used to do without a second thought (like using a can opener) may now seem like a huge obstacle to overcome. If you are recovering from an injury or living with chronic pain, Premier Rehab Physical Therapy is ready to throw you a life preserver and get you back to what’s important to you in a way that you simply will not discover at any other facility. For you, maybe it’s returning to the playing field, being able to cook for your family again or walking without assistance. Your goals chart the course and Premier Rehab Physical Therapy will be your guide every step of the way. SL COVER STORY OPPOSITE PAGE pictured left to right Keller / Heritage Trace Dr. Dulce “Candy” Mercado PT, DPT, Clinic Director Keller / Keller Parkway Dr. Brad Stuckey PT, DPT, Clinic Director North Richland Hills Dr. Ellen Murray PT, DPT, Clinic Director The Colony Dr. Kelly McFarland PT, DPT, Owner Stefanie Peterson Office Administrator Fort Worth Dr. David Benson PT, DPT, Clinic Director Maria Underwood Billing Administrator Angela Lesley Marketing Director GOING BEYOND TO GET YOU MOVING ARTICLE BY JENNIFER SLOAN • PHOTOS BY THADDEUS HARDEN – cont inued on next page – | APRIL 2017 27

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