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MA Y / J U N E 20 1 2 Vo l . 2 9 N o . 3 contents Editorial 2 Refl ections on ACI 18 Measuring Window U-Factors with IR Thermometers by Ian Shapiro, Kapil Varshney, and Javier E. Rosa IR thermometers make fi nding surface temperatures fast and easy, but can that be applied to window U-factors? Letters 3 Should Energy Source Matter in Home Energy Auditing?; Readers Forum: Energy Bill Disclosure and Modeling; and In Memoriam: Dariush Arasteh 38 Deep Energy Retrofi t X10 by Brennan Less, Jeremy Fisher, and Iain Walker Lawrence Berkeley National Lab offers a look into ten of California’s cutting-edge deep energy retrofi ts. Energy Auditing 6 Smart Utility Bill Disaggregation Tools 10 Blowing Smoke Trends 16 Wasting Energy or Catching Fire 22 Making the Case for Case Studies by Kristen Fischer Everything you need to know about making case studies work for you. New & Notable 54 Pump Up the Heat 54 Advertiser Index 55 Sustainable Connections 56 Calendar 28 First Things First Insulating Wall Cavities by Bob Pfeiffer Wall insulation is a very cost-effective retrofi t measure—here’s the art and science behind the craft. 46 Pimp My Blower Door Kit The Blower Door Makeover by Greg Labbé A man, a 15-year-old blower door kit, and a lot of TLC. BOB PFEIFFER See “First Things First, Insulating Wall Cavities,” page 28. FRONT COVER: Wences Lao Alcantra prepares to insulate the walls of a Wisconsin home using lead-safe practices. Photo Credit: Bob Pfeiffer www. homeenergy.org 1

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