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www. h o m e e n e r g y. o r g f a ceb o ok . c om / h ome ener g ymag JUL Y / A UG U S T 20 1 2 Vo l . 2 9 N o . 4 t w it t e r: @h o m e e n e rg y m a g contents Editorial 2 Why Japan’s Electricity Crisis Matters 38 Navigating the New Market An Overview of High-Effi ciency Natural-Gas and Electric Water Heaters by Jacob Talbot Choosing the right water heater for a home requires an understanding of the benefi ts and shortcomings of each model. Letters 3 In Memoriam: Bion Howard Tools of the Trade 4 Testing Duct Testers Training 10 The Home Performance Super Lab 24 Choosing an IR Camera Which equipment specifi cations should you consider before you buy? by Ron Conner and Matt Schwoegler Thermal imager specifi cation sheets can be diffi cult to navigate. Here’s a simple breakdown of important IR camera elements and when they matter. 14 Training is Ever Green 18 Effective Training for Small Businesses 22 Going Mobile—Growing Green Training in Arkansas New & Notable 52 Micro-Cogeneration, Tankless Water Heaters—To Buy or Not To Buy, RESNET App Available, ClimateMaster Exceeds 40 EER, and more! 30 Ranch-Style Teaching in Montana by Kathy Price-Robinson An all-women training course takes an intuitive, holistic approach to the science and diagnostics of our industry. 46 Green Dreamin’ by Lee Chilcote What do you get when you cross a deep energy retrofi t with an 1880s Victorian-style home? 54 Advertiser Index 55 Sustainable Connections 56 Calendar See "Going Mobile—Growing Green Training In Arkansas," p. 22. COVER (top left and clockwise) : Tamasin Sterner of The Pure Energy Center teaches her students how to set up a blower door; Dagan Ames gets hands-on training inside a mock home in a lab in Arkansas; and students Stevie Moe and Jennifer Weedn puzzle through operating a DG-700 pressure and fl ow gauge at a training camp in Montana. PHOTO CREDITS (top left and clockwise) : KATHY PRICE-ROBINSON; CHARLES FOWLER AND ROBERT HANLON -NWACC; KATHY PRICE-ROBINSON www. homeenergy.org 1

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