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www. h o m e e n e r g y. o r g f a ceb o ok . c om / h ome ener g ymag MA RCH/A PRI L 2013 Vol. 30 No. 2 t w it t e r: @h o m e e n e rg y m a g contents Editorial 2 Home Energy and the Fracking Dividend 24 Comfort to the Ninth Degree Advancing Retrofi ts in Georgia by Roderick Jackson, Philip Boudreaux, Eyu-Jin Kim, and Sydney Roberts Nine retrofi tted homes in the Atlanta, Georgia, area show that homeowners are motivated by nonenergy benefi ts as well as by energy savings. Letters 3 MICHAEL KEYES Do Demand-Controlled Pumps Save Energy Too?, Lighting Your Workshop With LEDs, and more Software 6 Virtual Combustion Testing 36 Deep Energy 42 Weatherize Retrofi t X10—Part 2 by Brennan Less, Jeremy Fisher, and Iain Walker Lawrence Berkeley National Lab shares in-depth end-use monitoring in four retrofi t homes in Northern California. Murray City A Rural Community Revitalization Approach by Nicole Peoples An entire city in Ohio is weatherized with the cooperation of many local community and industry stakeholders. HVAC 10 Air Sealing and the CAZ Trends 12 Job Task Analyses Defi ne the Home Energy Professional 16 The Curse of the TRC 18 Collaborative Aims to Boost Momentum for Home Energy Effi ciency Upgrades in the Southwest 50 Small Commercial Equals Big Opportunity Bringing Your Residential Home Performance Experience to the World of Commercial Performance by Jim Olson Nearly 75% of commercial buildings in the U.S. are 20+ years old and are ready for energy improvements. Does your experience translate to this market? 20 Using the Web to Motivate Customers to Save Energy New & Notable 58 Installed Price of Solar PV Continues to Decline, Changing Energy Behavior, and more 62 Advertiser Index 63 Sustainable Connections 64 Calendar COVER: Murray City, Ohio, shows that a whole town can be revitalized throught the retrofi t of its homes. See story on p. 42. Photo by Nicole Peoples www. homeenergy.org 1 TODD OSMAN HomeEnergy.org WHAT’S ONLINE NOW? Water Use Effi ciency Study by William B. DeOreo How water is used in single-family homes in California.

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