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Home Performance Contractor’s BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GUIDE Sponsored by contents 1 Driving Home From Complexity to Simplicity by Ely Jacobsohn Performance— Marketing Plan by Mike Rogers 8 Your Home Performance 22 Making the Case for Case Studies by Kristen Fischer now is the time to reassess the hPwes program and engage in new partnerships with the home improvement and home remodeling industries. Key marketing tips to unlock the hVaC–to–home Performance potential of your customer base everything you need to know about making case studies work for you. 4 Personnel, Performance Homes Through Quality Management by Duncan Prahl 26 Achieving High Taking the First Steps to Sustainability by Blaine Fox Process, & Profi t You’ve got customers interested in retrofi ts…but what do you do next? an expert in the residential mechanical services industry looks at what it takes to ensure your home performance business is profi table and sustainable. 13 Using Web and Social Wathen-Castanos hybrid homes, incorporated takes the dire real estate market and turns it into an opportunity to focus on quality and energy effi ciency. Media in Your Business by Peter Troast 32 Effective Training for Small Businesses Bill Taylor social media are here to stay, even in the home performance industry. Read about the best practices for integrating web and social media into your business model and maintaining them. a quick and Dirty guide to home energy upgrade training and Coaching 35 HVAC to Whole-House by Christine Liaukus 18 Selling Energy Performance Contractor? Conservation by Cynthia Ojczyk The Art of Educating, Listening, Partnership, and Flexibility the fi rst step to selling energy conservation is gaining the confi dence of your clients. guidelines and best practices for making the profi table transition into whole-house work. These articles are part of a series sponsored by Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, jointly managed by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. The opinions, views, and ideas expressed within these articles are those of the authors, and do not necessarily refl ect the offi cial policy or position of any agency of the U.S. government. BLAINE foX CoVER PHoTo BY: Michael Keyes 2 Home Energy | Ho m e Pe r f o r m an c e Co nt r act o r ’s G u i d e

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