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www. h o m e e n e r g y. o r g f a ceb o ok . c om / h ome ener gymag tw i t t e r : @ h o m e e n e r g y m a g MAY/JUNE 2014 Vol. 31 No. 3 contents Editorial 2 3 The House of Mystery 12 Alaska’s Largest Solar-Thermal System A Model for Multiresidential Use by Todd Hoener The Denali Education Center campus in Alaska gives a solar water-heating system a try. Here are some lessons learned. Letters Infographic; and In Memoriam: Alan E. Silverstein Web Alert 20 Effective Strategies 36 A/C in the Southeast, 4 6 What’s Online Now? for Dealing with Ducts in Unconditioned Spaces by William Zoeller Three methods to reduce thermal losses associated with ductwork in unconditioned spaces are discussed. Part 2: The Best Way to Cool Homes in Humid Climates? Fix the Home First by Debbie Sniderman The focus in Part 2 is on the use or non-use of dehumidifi ers with A/C. Trends West Coast Passive House Meets Target Heat Recovery System 10 Case Study: SHARC Sewage 40 Retrospective— 16 Years Ago Black Stains in Houses— Soot, Dust, or Ghosts by Frank Vigil An experienced ghost hunter explains the possible sources of and solutions to black soot under doors, on walls, and in other places in homes. 45 46 46 47 Sustainable Showcase Contributors Advertiser Index Calendar The Back Porch 48 My Home Energy Audit 26 Energy Retrofi t of SEW AGE HEAT RECOVERY SYST EM MAY / JUNE 2014 a Typical Three-Story Multifamily Building Measured Results and Lessons Learned by Jamie Lyons, PE, and Margo Thompson Measured results from the retrofi t of a multistory building. 1 1 2 ▪ RETROSPE CTIV E—B LACK STAI NS IN HOU SES EENERGY.ORG WWW.HOM PASSIVE HOU SE MEETS TARGE TS Ducts in Unconditio ned Spaces Alaska’s Larg Solar Therma est l System Multifamily Retrofit 1 2 3 1 cover: The Passive House energy-modeling software has allowed the Artisans Group to take sustainable design to an advanced level. Photo by The Artisans Group www. 1

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