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www. h o m e e n e r g y. o r g f a ceb o ok . c om / h ome ener gymag tw i t t e r : @ h o m e e n e r g y m a g JULY/AUGUST 2014 Vol. 31 No. 4 contents Editorial 2 Learning Applied Building Science Is Still Hard to Do 20 Adventures in Radon and Moisture Mitigation by Elizabeth Grant An architect and Virginia Tech assistant professor shares her surprising experience with radon in her home and what she did about it. Letters 3 Do Thermostats Now Rule?, Waterbeds Revisited, and In Memoriam: Brad Oberg 34 Internal Insulation Web Alert 4 What’s Online Now? of Masonry Walls To help the industry address the energy and moisture performance of masonry walls, a DOE Building America team has done the research—here’s a summary. Training 6 Training in the 21st Century: From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side 26 Impact of 40 Retrospective— Software 12 Multifamily Blower Door Testing Oil-Contaminated Floodwater on Building Materials By Heshmat A. Aglan It’s rare that fl oodwater contains just water, but what about when the water is contaminated with oil? These researchers looked extensively into just that. Twenty Years Ago Building Science Education in the Community College By Michael Uniacke Education in energy-effi cient building began in community colleges in the ’90s—here’s a look back at how the curriculum was then. Has it evolved? Trends 16 Let’s Talk Gender— What Women Bring to Home Performance 45 46 46 47 Sustainable Showcase Contributors Advertiser Index Calendar NEXT ISSUE: Meet the fresh new faces of the home performance industry. As Home Energy marks its 30th year in print... The Back Porch 48 Detroit Rises from the Ashes INSUL ATIO N OF MASONR Y WAL LS JULY / AUGUST 2014 thirty we take a look at the industry’s brilliant future Learn about 30 pros under 30 years old! Training in 21st Centu the ry Let’s Talk Gender—Wh Women Brin at Home Perf g to ormance Adventure in Radon s 30 Under ▪ OIL-CONTAMI NATED FLOOD WAT ER WWW.HOMEEN ERGY.ORG COVER: Bill Eckman teaches a student to use a blower door. Photo credit: New Mexico Energy$mart Academy at Santa Fe Community College. www. 1

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