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Home Energy September October 2014 : IFC

Retrotec – the next generation of innovations Smarter Gauges Control your gauge from across the room or across the world. DM32 controls all fans by all manufacturers; trade in your old gauge today! Advanced DucTesters Test the leakiest residential ducts down to 0.08 CFM. Test pressures up to 4000 Pa for commercial ducts. Powered Flow Hoods Measure any exhaust or supply in the tightest space with the world’s most accurate flow hood. Weighing only 4.9 lb. It even logs test data. Most Popular Blower Door The Model 1101 is famous for its 6,700 CFM flow, touchscreen digital gauge, and the most advanced aluminum frame. All for a competitive price. The Next Generation Of Innovations Retrotec has developed technology for geotagging of your results, remote proctoring and witnessing of live tests. The evolving Home Performance industry is requiring more sophisticated compliance and Quality Control documentation. Join Retrotec in moving our industry forward. 1-855-738-7683 (toll free) for more info visit

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