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w w w. h ome ene r g y. o r g f a c e b o o k . c om / h ome ene r g y m a g SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 Vol. 31 No. 5 t w i t t e r : @ h ome ene r g y m a g contents Editorial 2 From Energy Audits to Home Performance: 30 Years with Home Energy Magazine 16 Highlights from Four Weatherization Programs in Washington State by Eunice Herren Tribal weatherization has had its challenges and its successes—here are lessons learned. Web Alert 4 5 What’s Online Now? Letters My Home Energy Audit Perspectives 6 8 Passionate People An Interview with Karen Butter eld Resilient Design An Interview with Alex Wilson Airtightness 36 YesHaus by Duke Elliott Montana’s YesHaus has a proven construction method, business model, and the energy performance to back it all up. 12 At the Tipping Point of 45 46 46 47 Sustainable Showcase Contributors Advertiser Index Calendar Our industry’s future just got BRIGHTER! The Back Porch 48 A Personal Retrospective Look at WAP RES ILIE NT DES IGN ▪ RET ROS PEC TIVE LOO K AT WAP ▪ PAS SION ATE SEPTEMBER PEO PLE / OCTOBER 2014 $ 15 30TH AN NIVER SARY ISS UE YEAR YesHaus Weatherizing in Washington State The Tipping Point of Airtightness & onward by Macie Melendez Read our cover story on p. 24 WWW.HOMEE NERGY.ORG COVER DESIGN: Kate Henke www. 1

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