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Home Energy November December 2014 : Cover2

The Next Generation of Innovations All New US341 DucTester Weighing just 7.8 lbs, the new Model US341 tests the leakiest or tightest residential ducts from 780 CFM down to 0.08 CFM. All of that comes with new ergonomic ranges and industry’s most advanced pressure gauge. Powered Flow Hoods The most accurate device available to measure supply and exhaust air flow. Smarter Gauges DM32 also controls all TEC fans and devices. We are so confident it will improve how you test, we will buy back your DG-700. Residential and Commercial R Re Blower Doors Bl All systems include ranges to test down to 5 CFM. Commercial units provide 80 8000 CFM = less fans for multifamily and large building tests. an The Next Generation Of Innovations Retrotec is creating new solutions so professionals like yourself can stay ahead of the curve. New high performance products and compliance testing requires professionals to test more installations at wider ranges and document their data with accurate Quality Control. Our complete product line provides these solutions so you can Do More. visit 1-855-738-7683 (toll free) for more info

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