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w w w. h o m e e n e r g y. o r g f a c eb o energy ma g NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 Vol. 31 No. 6 t wit ter:@homeenergymag contents Editorial 2 3 4 Lighting Services for Aliens 18 Investing in Multifamily Energy Upgrades by Julieann Summerford Market differentiation, lower vacancy rates, and increased property value are just some of the benefits to investing in multifamily energy upgrades. Letters 30 Years Young Web Alert What’s Online Now? Consumer Education 6 Behavior Change Requires a Human Touch Weatherization Experiences Project—A Social Network Study by Erin Rose and Beth Hawkins A study shows that experiences with weatherization are being shared within social networks, and it can have a big impact on our industry. 32 The Tools of the Trade 10 ACIN Flow Finder Mk 2 Trends 14 Prospering in a Postrebate World 45 46 46 47 Sustainable Showcase Contributors Advertiser Index Calendar The Back Porch 48 Help Us Over the Hump PRO SPE RIN G POS T-A RRA ▪ FLO W MET ER REV IEW / DECEM BER 2014 ▪ NOVEMBER POW ER OF HUM AN TOU CH WWW.HOM EENER GY.ORG $ 1 5 Retrofit the Ducts, Too? Weatherizatio Experience n s Social Net works Cracking the Quality Code Investing in Multifamil y Upgrades 26 Cracking the Quality Code by John Tooley Seemingly minor errors are eating performance contractors’ profits in ways most of them don’t understand. Here’s how to get that profit back. A/C, Do the Ducts Too? by Debbie Sniderman Three contractors weigh in on the often complicated decision home-owners have to make when repairing, reconfiguring, or replacing their ducts. 38 When Retrofitting COVER: This polka dotted house has charm but its A/C system doesn’t. Photo w w w. h o m e e n e rg y .o rg 1

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