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w w t witter: @homeenergymag m arch/april 2015 Vol. 32 No. 2 contents Editorial 2 Dealing with the Internet of Annoying Things ACT PLAN 30 Contributors 31 Calendar 31 Advertiser Index The Back Porch 32 Vi Rapp: Reducing the Risks of Carbon Monoxide CHECK DO 4 Lessons Learned in Quality Management: Does doing it right make us money? 14 Air Sealing Challenges online Home Performance Business Are We Ready for Better Buildings? by Terry Nordbye for Small Buildings by Kevin Berg An eight-month consultation for eight contractors gives insight into the best ways to implement quality control in home performance. by Steve Mann Even the smallest, simplest homes are hard to air seal to Passive House standards. Trends The Active World of Passive Houses by Mike Smith Overcoming Codes and Standards Barriers to Innovations in Building Energy Efficiency by Pam Cole Hot Water: Why Plumbing Technologies and System Designs Matter by Dave Grieshop 24 Kitchen Ventilation 8 Mr. Pitt’s Neighborhood by Roger Hahn A-lister Brad Pitt started the Make It Right Foundation to build green, affordable homes in post-Katrina New Orleans. After 10 years, this is how it’s going. by Chris Stratton The kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to clean indoor air—but it shouldn’t be and here’s why. COVER: The interior of a New Orleans Make It Right home. Photo by James Ewing www. 1

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