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w w t witter: @homeenergymag m ay/june 2015 Vol. 32 no. 3 contents Editorial 2 30 31 31 Revisiting Electrification Contributors Calendar Advertiser Index The Back Porch 32 Embodied Energy: Minimizing Waste with Off-Site Construction Mainstream A History of Energy-Efficient Housing in the United States by Mariel Wolfson Energy-efficient housing isn’t new, and here are multiple examples from the 1970s to prove it. So why hasn’t it caught on? 4 Making “Green” online 18 Favorite Multifamily Home Performance Business Culture and the Quality Management System by John Tooley Retrofits—Part 1 by Marc Zuluaga and Sean Maxwell There’s no “best” retrofit remedy for all multifamily buildings, but Steven Winter Associates has chosen some of its favorites. House Doc Moldy Shoes Blues by Doug Garrett Trends Infiltration of Outdoor Pollutants: Field Notes by Don Fugler Living Lightly in Ithaca’s EcoVillage by Susan Gateley GO TO WW W. HO ME EN ER GY.OR 2014 G FO R TH IS ISS UE ’S MAY / JUNE ON LIN E-O NLY AR TIC LES ! $ 15 10 Infiltration of 24 A Proposal for Infi Outdoor ltration of Pollutants Favorite Multifamily Retrofi ts—P ar t 1 Expand ed Intern ational Collaboration Outdoor Pollutants by Brent Stephens Outdoor air pollutants are complex. They complicate things further when they make their way into our personal indoor space. Expanded International Collaboration by Chris Dorsi We can all benefit from the sharing of knowledge across the construction industries and among countries. A HISTOR Y OF ENERGY-EFFICIENT HOUSING COVER: The Brookhaven House, built on the Brookhaven National Laboratory grounds on New York’s Long Island in 1979, focused on energy conservation and was meant to appeal to mainstream builders and buyers. Rendering by Lisa Heschong www. 1

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