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MA R C H / A P R I L 20 11 Vo l . 2 8 N o . 2 contents Editorial 2 The Making of an Industry—ACI Letters 3 Combustion Appliance Zone and Cheating on Insulation Software 4 Student housing at Syracuse University undergoes a transformation. See story on p.32. HomeGuage ACI 8 Celebrates 25 Years 32 Green the Orange by Karla Donnelly, Jim Gunshinan, and Gayathri Vijayakumar Students at Syracuse University experience a Multifamily Performance Program up close and personal. 46 Stories from the Field: What Were They Thinking? by Rich Moore It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. An experienced home performance contractor takes you on a tour of some hidden home features that will have you scratching your head. Trends 12 Neighborhood Effi ciency, Energy Salvation 16 Did Cash for Appliances Work? 20 Interview with Passive House Pioneer 38 The Robo Retrofi t House by Jeff Christian, Tony Gehl, and Rex Dockery Much is learned from a side-by-side study of a retrofi t home and standard-built home. 22 Passive House Gets Active 28 Germany’s Energy Certifi cate New and Notable 56 Advertiser Index 58 Haiti—One Year Out, Using Social Networking to Spark Some Friendly Competition; Lakeland Electric Puts Its Customers in Hot Water; Keeping Up—Or Down—With the Joneses; Congress Likely to Extend Energy Effi ciency Tax Credits 52 Raising the Bar for Home Performance by John Tooley New standardized work speci fi cations aim to eliminate work defects and transform the retro fi t industry. ACI celebrates 25 years of advancing home performance. See story on p. 8. 63 Sustainable Connections 64 Calendar FRONT COVER PHOTO: The Passive House approach to building and retrofi tting homes is catching on in North America. (see stories pp. 20 and 22). Photographer Corey Saft www. homeenergy.org 1

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