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Home Performance Contracting INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND LEAD-SAFE GUIDE Sponsored by contents 1 The Right IAQ Tools 10 Home Performance for Home Performance by Eric Werling, Ely Jacobsohn, and Darlene Watford and Ventilation by Don Stevens This special edition of Home Energy magazine is another great IAQ tool for your home performance toolbox. The mantra of responsible new home building has been make it tight and ventilate right. Works for existing homes too. 15 The Scary Crawl Space by David Hales We build crawl spaces because they are cheaper than basements. But controlling moisture can be a challenge, depending on the climate zone. EDWARD HABER EDWARD HABER 20 House of Pressure A Model for Energy Effi ciency by Anthony Cox and Melissa Byrd 24 Combustion Appliance 4 Mold & Rot Look Before You Leap by Mac Pearce Testing – Why, How, When? by A. Tamasin Sterner A house that sits on a table and that you can see through makes a fi ne teaching and learning tool. When decay shows up, it is at the end of a train wreck of circumstances. Arresting problems before they occur is the best preventive strategy. Combustion appliance testing, before and after weatherizing a home, is an absolute necessity to protect homeowners from the effects of CO gas and other combustion products. Learn the BPI test procedures. 8 Remediating Mold A Checklist for Building Professionals by Gloria Fultz 30 Standardized Terminology – A Glossary by Rick Karg Remedying mold and moisture problems requires good detective skills, proper safety precautions, and a working knowledge of the best practices for mold cleanup. Keys to your combustion safety toolbox. You will need to know these terms in order to diagnose combustion problems or, better, to prevent combustion appliances from creating dangerous health conditions for homeowners. These articles are part of a series sponsored by Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, jointly managed by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. The opinions, views, and ideas expressed within these articles are those of the author, and do not necessarily refl ect the offi cial policy or position of any agency of the U.S. government. FRONT COVER DESIGN: Kate Henke PHOTOGRAPHER: Anthony Cox 2 ANTHONY COX Home Energy | Home Per for mance Contracting Guide

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