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1250 Addison Street, Suite 211B, Berkeley, CA 94702 (510)524-5405 contact@homeenergy.org www.homeenergy.org CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC         7IRMSV)\IGYXMZI)HMXSV  )\IGYXMZI)HMXSV  )HMXSV  %WWSGMEXI)HMXSV  (IWMKR&#0a;4VSHYGXMSR1EREKIV  8IGLRMGEP)HMXSVW   Alan Meier  Iain Walker  Jim Gunshinan  Leslie Jackson Kate Henke  Steve Greenberg   2ERGI1EXWSR 'SRXVMFYXMRK)HMXSV  Steve Mann  'ST]IHMXSV  Irene Elmer EDWARD HABER ;VMXIVW8LMW-WWYI Melissa Byrd, Anthony Cox, Gloria Fultz, Theresa Gilbride, David Hales, Marye Hefty, Ely Jacobsohn, Rick Karg, Steve Mann, Mac Pearce, Gregory Runevitch, A. Tamasin Sterner, Don Stevens, Darlene Watford, Eric Werling      4YFPMWLIV  %HZIVXMWMRK&#0a;1EVOIXMRK1EREKIV  'SRXVSPPIV  3JJMGI1EREKIV *YPJMPPQIRX1EREKIV  Tom White  Carol A. Markell  Jan Elkington  Maggie Forti  Alana Shindler 34 Data Logging Primer by Steve Mann There are many reasons to measure things in the building science world. Learn to collect data with ease and skill. %HZIVXMWMRK Home Energy requires all advertisers to provide documentation to support any claims of product effi ciency and performance contained in ads. We welcome companies involved in residential conservation to join this select group. It includes manufacturers of conservation materials, tools, instrumentation, computer software, and effi cient appliances, and providers of technical services, training, and labor. For advertising rates, contact: Carol A. Markell, Home Energy , 1250 Addison Street, Suite 211B, Berkeley, CA 94702. Tel: (510)524-5405, e-mail: CAMarkell@homeenergy.org. 38 Grupe Homes Enters the Whole-House Retrofi t Market by Marye Hefty and Theresa Gilbride Home Energy is published by Energy Auditor & Retrofi tter, Incorporated President, Iain Walker Executive Director, Tom White The depressed new home market is providing a challenge—and an opportunity for home builders considering entering the retrofi t market. &SEVHSJ(MVIGXSVW              Karen Butterfi eld  David Canny  Robert Knight  Mark S. Martinez  Alan Meier  Bill Parlapiano III Ted Pope  Michael Rogers  John B. Smith  Iain Walker  SunPower Corporation  Pacifi c Gas & Electric Bevilacqua-Knight, Incorporated  Southern California Edison  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  WellHome  Energy Solutions  GreenHomes America  Johns Manville  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory )HMXSVMEP%HZMWSV]&SEVH Steve Baden  Michael Blasnik  Chris Dorsi  Doug Garrett  Henry Gifford  Theresa Gilbride  6SR Judkoff   Rick Karg   Courtney Moriarta  John Porterfi eld   Greg Thomas   Linda Wigington  Edward Wyatt  Larry Zarker   Allen Zimmerman  RESNET M. Blasnik & Associates Saturn Resource Management, Inc. Building Performance & Comfort, Inc. Gifford Fuel Saving, Inc. Pacifi c Northwest National Laboratory National Renewable Energy Laboratory R. J. Karg Associates MASCO Corporation eZing, Inc. Performance Systems Development ACI Scientifi c Certifi cation Systems Building Performance Institute The Ohio State University, Wooster Campus  NCI 44 Best-Practice Business Models by the Home Performance Resource Center Home Energy (ISSN 0896-9442) is a bimonthly publication of Energy Auditor and Retrofitter, Incorporated, 1250 Addison Street, Suite 211B, Berkeley, CA 94702. EA&R is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination of objective information on residential energy conservation. Yearly subscription rate: $75 for six issues. Canada and other foreign countries U.S.$90, payable by U.S. money order only. Subscribe on our web site at www.homeenergy.org. Periodical postage paid at Berkeley, California, and additional mailing office. TSWXQEWXIV&#1e;  Send address changes to Home Energy, 1250 Addison Street, Suite 211B, Berkeley, CA 94702. Return undeliverable Canada addresses to: Station A, PO Box 54, Windsor ON N9A 6J5, IQEMP&#1e;  returnsIL@imex.pb.com. Energy Auditor and Retrofitter, Incorporated, gratefully accepts contributions from institutions and firms interested in promoting energy conservation. © Copyright 2011, Energy Auditor and Retrofitter, Incorporated. Energy Auditor and Retrofitter, Incorporated, grants authorization to photocopy material from Home Energy for internal or personal use under circumstances that do not violate the fair use provisions of the copyright act. For permission to reprint, write the above address. Printed on recycled paper Learn what works in creating a thriving home performance company from the experience of nine successful energy effi ciency programs from around the country. 52 Taking the Lead on LEAD by Gregory Runevitch Learn how to weatherize homes with lead paint present while obeying the law and keeping workers and home occupants safe from lead poisoning. www. homeenergy.org 3

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