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M A Y / JUNE 20 1 1 Vo l . 2 8 N o . 3 contents Editorial 2 What Tokyo Must Do 30 Successful Warm-Weather Infrared Inspections by Matt Schwoegler While infrared cameras are relatively easy to operate, it is the task of interpreting the image that turns out to be the most challenging aspect of this technology. Letters 3 CO Health and Safety and Creating Healthy Manufactured Homes E3/NORCAL Codes 6 CalGreen: California’s Building Code 50 Building a Tools 12 Combustible-Gas Leak Detectors Multifamily Home Performance Program Tales from California by Julieann Summerford More money than ever before is being invested in residential whole-building retrofi t programs, but these funds are largely geared toward single-family homeowners. Can we continue to ignore the roughly one-third of us who live in apartments? PROCTOR ENGINEERING Trends 18 Insulated Siding Provides Continuous Insulation 38 Air Conditioning 22 Retrofi t Is In 26 Indoor Environmental Quality Daydreams and Nightmares Best Practices by Joe Kuonen and Jim Bergmann Recent studies of charge and airfl ow revealed that as many as eight out of ten A/C systems have incorrect airfl ow, and seven out of ten systems have incorrect charge. Potential savings from correcting these defi ciencies are substantial. New & Notable 61 A Common Knowledge, Prefab(ulous) Homes, The New Wave of Water Heaters, and Leading the Energy Charge 58 Taking the First Steps To Sustainability Part 1: Strategies from Successful Energy Contractors by Blaine Fox A business consultant shares what makes some contractors vulnerable to changing market forces and what keeps others on the road to long-term sustainability. 44 If You Build It, REBUILDING TOGETHER They Will Come… But Will They Buy? by Stephanie Thomas-Rees, Todd Louis, and Ken Fonorow With few banks loaning money and a more competitive market, how can high-performance new-home builders market their homes? Here are some success stories. 62 Advertiser Index 63 Sustainable Connections 64 Calendar FRONT COVER PHOTO: Technician readies an air conditioner for peak summer performance. Photographer © Ernest Prim — Fotolia.com www. homeenergy.org 1

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