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JUL Y / A UG U S T 20 1 1 Vo l . 2 8 N o . 4 contents 44 Gray is the Editorial 2 The Bumpy Road to Net Zero Energy New Green by Peter Byrne Projections say that by 2015, 36 U.S. states will have some degree of water shortage. Graywater can be reused as a solution to this pending problem. Letters 3 Retrofi t Insulation for Concrete Slab, Turn the Water Heater Down, and Spillover is Good AE A 26 Weatherization Training Plans Gateway to a New Economy by Bob Scott State WAP managers can now consider training initiatives that were once fantasies. Tools 6 Carbon Monoxide Around the House: Comparing Ambient CO Monitors Training 10 The New Deal in Energy Education: Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades 32 Getting to the Bottom of Home Energy Use by Todd Hoener Recent numbers show a substantial rise in residential electricity consumption. In order to combat excess energy use, the fi rst step is calculating a home’s base-load use. 14 Bringing Multifamily Expertise to Weatherization Programs 18 Extending Energy Effi ciency Training Beyond the Classroom 22 IREC ISPQ Credentialing: A Guarantee of High-Quality Training 38 Integrating Energy Effi ciency and Healthy Homes Why unhealthy homes cause unhealthy occupants by ChaNell Marshall and Marjorie Isaacson Ways in which green and healthy standards can be integrated into homes are discussed, as well as how energy effi ciency auditors can help the cause. 50 Gulf Coast Upgrade Affordable and effi cient can co-exist—even after a disaster by Roger Hahn A postdisaster Building America/ Habitat for Humanity demonstration project validates a cost-effective path to improving performance of affordable housing. New & Notable 58 Labeling for a Cause, EPA Recognizes NYSERDA, Energy Mortgages 101, 100 Homes and Counting 62 Advertiser Index 63 Sustainable Connections 64 Calendar FRONT COVER PHOTO: Energy effi ciency retrofi tting training at Laney College. PHOTOGRAPHER: David Hanks www. homeenergy.org 1

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