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ADVERTISEMENT ĂůŝďƌĂƚĞĚ&ĂŶ Tough Fan Shell Strong motor mount holes will not tear out. Stiffer fan shell. Step prevents blade tip losses. Solid double riveted shell with gussets. Status light indicates power to fan.* On/Off switch restores speed to previous setting. * *exclusive Dual connections for mutiple fans.* Status light indicates good gauge connection.* Control speed at the fan.* Control options: Control from up to 300 ft. away. Control directly from the gauge. Smooth Control Fully automatic FanTestic software. smooth typical Pa % Speed Pressure and speed increase smoothly. Typically, controls accelerate in an uneven fashion creating surges and gaps. Smooth Power 1000 Fan specs Maximum Flow reduce values by 15% for 50Hz Link multiple fans for large building tests. Flow into: Free Air 50 Pa 75Pa CFM 6,300 5,600 5,300 5 litres/s 2,973 2,643 2,501 2 m³/h 10,700 9,514 9,005 8 Minimum Flow (option) Dimensions 22 in. inlet diameter, 9.75 in. long, 25 in. height 32.8 lbs +/-3% 120V, 9A or 240V, 5A Typical noise and notches create heat & power loss. Retrotec control is smooth. * Weight Flow Accuracy Power

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