Brevard Softball #4, 2011 : Cover2

IGHT WE © 2011 Hillerich & Bradsby Co., Louisville, KY. All rights reserved. SWING CED – BAL AN SB1 2ZB SB1 2Z E – END LOAD SWIN G W EIGHT When you step up to the plate with the Z-1000™, you’re armed with the best there is. And your competitors know it. Our exclusive iST composite technology provides a solid connection between the handle and barrel, giving the Z-1000 a great solid feel and ultra-long sweet spot. That means maximum performance and minimum vibration, even on inside hits. And this powerful performer is USSSA approved. So put some intimidation in your game. Swing the hot, new Z-1000 from Louisville Slugger / TPS. Scan here or go to to view our technology videos. Z-1000 Check out the Louisville Slugger app for iPhone.

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